Decision of the Regional Court in Warsaw 3rd Civil Division of 15th July 2016
III C 603/15

The Regional Court in Warsaw having examined the case of A.R against Związek (…) in W. for payment,

hereby decides:

  1. to publish the following announcement in (…) and in (…):


 “Announcement – start of the class action proceedings

The class action started by A.R. as the group representative against (…) Związek (…) z/s in W. for payment for purchase of the tickets to the mass event named (…) W.(…) S. (…) (….) (…), which took place on 18th April 2015 at the National S. in W. is currently pending before the Regional Court in Warsaw.

The Court informs about the possibility of declaring to join the group by people whose claims can be examined in this case. The declaration should be submitted in writing to the group representative A.R. (address for delivery: Law firm of legal counsel T.D., street (…). S.G. – R. (…) (…) – (…) W.) within 3 months from the issuance of this announcement.

The basic costs of the Claimant’s legal representation have been set in the amount of 20% (twenty percent) of the awarded amount of payment. The final judgment in the case binds also the members of the group.”