Decision of the Regional Court in Warsaw 3rd Civil Division of 5th December 2017
III C 1089/15

The Regional Court in Warsaw 3rd Civil Division in the following ruling bench:

Presiding Judge:            Ewa Jończyk, Regional Court Judge (rapporteur)

Judges:                            Agnieszka Matlak, Regional Court Judge

Mariusz Solka, Regional Court Judge

having examined on 5th December 2017 in Warsaw at the hearing in camera the case filed by the Municipal Consumer Ombudsman in O. against Bank (…) S.A. with its registered office in W. for payment,

/on the subject of the amendment of the decision; granting the claimant’s motion of 17th November 2017; pages of records no. 8.256-8.257/

hereby decides to:

amend the decision of the Regional Court in Warsaw issued in the subject case on 10th October 2017 regarding the announcement on the commencement of group proceedings, what was set out in point II of the ruling by publishing the announcement with the wording provided for in point I of the decision in the (…) section of the “(…)” daily. The costs of the publication will be temporarily covered from the budget of the State Treasury – the Regional Court in Warsaw.