Speedway Fans vs. Polski Związek Motorowy [Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation]

A group of speedway fans (consumers) – participants of LOTTO Warsaw FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland at the Stadion Narodowy [National Stadium] vs. the event organiser, Polski Związek Motorowy

Action for payment in connection with the defendant’s non-performance towards group members of its obligations, related to contracts for the sale of tickets for a mass event.

Consumers demand a refund of the price for the tickets they purchased for a sporting event organised by the defendant – the LOTTO Warsaw FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland – an international competition held on 18th April 2015 at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Due to the inappropriate preparation of the track at the National Stadium by the defendant and numerous falls of the competitors, the organisers, after consultation with speedway riders, decided to discontinue the tournament after three series of starts.

114 group members

The case in progress, the proceedings before the court of 1st instance has been concluded.

  • The hearing of 10th October 2019
  • The hearing of 30th May 2019 – cancelled
  • Th hearing of 17th January 2019
  • Statement of claims filed on: 30th June 2015