Poviats vs. the State Treasury

A group of poviats and cities with the poviat rights vs. the State Treasury – the Minister of Infrastructure (and subsequently: the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy).

Action for the establishment of liability of the State Treasury for damage caused to group members as a result of legislative omissions, i.e. as a result of failure to issue, as of 1 May 2004, a regulation adapting the provisions of the regulation of 28 July 2003 on the amount of the charges for a vehicle registration card to the provisions of the community law and, consequently, as a result of collecting excessive charges from group members for issuing a vehicle registration card upon its first registration in the national territory.

190 group members

Action validly and finally concluded following the proceedings prosecuted before the courts of 1st and 2nd instance. The cassation complaint against the judgment of the Court of Appeal has not been filed.

  • Resolution of the Supreme Court of 16th September 2015, III CZP 51/15 – adopted as a result of the presentation to the Supreme Court by the Court of Appeals in Krakow 1st Civil Division of the legal issue arisen during the examination of the claimant’s appeal against the judgment of the Regional Court in Warsaw 2nd Civil Division of 17th December 2013, II C 593/12
  • Statement of claims filed on: 9th August 2011