Decision of the Presiding Judge of the Regional Court in Tarnów 1st Civil Division of 21st January 2011
I C 977/10

The Regional Court in Tarnów, 1st Civil Division in the following ruling bench:

Presiding Judge:            Marek Syrek, Regional Court Judge

having examined on 21st of January 2011 in Tarnów, at the hearing in camera, the case filed by the Poviat T. Consumer Ombudsman acting on behalf of (…) A. S.A. in W. for the payment of performance

orders to:

return the complaint.

Decision of the Regional Court in Opole, 1st Civil Division of 13th December 2010
I C 454/10

  1. In accordance with Article 16 section 3 in conjunction with Article 186 section 1 of the Water Law Act, only in the event of a case initiated against the owner of water or owner of water equipment in relation to the flooding of land during a flood as a result of owner’s lack of adherence to the provisions of the act, is one entitled to compensation (on the terms and conditions indicated in the Water Law Act), which can be pursued directly by means of seeking redress to court without the need of exhausting the manner of administrative proceedings.
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