How to start the process of establishing the group?

The Act does not provide for a manner in which the group should be created (see: What is a “group” in the meaning of the Act?). The provisions do not regulate any internal relations between the persons willing to establish a group.

The creation of a group consisting of at least 10 persons who want to seek claims of the same type and based on the same factual basis (see: When are group proceedings allowed?) may, in principle, be performed in any way. In particular, such actions can be performed by a person who declares the will to act in the capacity of the group representative. Depending on the specific nature of a given case, the initial process of formation of the group may also – in agreement with such a person – be coordinated by a professional counsel (attorney at law or legal counsel), who will represent the claimant in the proceedings.

If you believe that your claim can be pursued in group proceedings, in particular, when you suffered an injury in circumstances injurious also to other persons (entities), please, use the Application Form.

We would like to ask you to provide the following information:

  1. description of the event causing damage (brief description);
  2. indication of the entity in your opinion liable for that event;
  3. indication of a potential group of injured parties;
  4. information whether you declare the willingness and readiness to be the group representative (see: Who is a “group representative”?);
  5. description of evidence you can present to prove your claim (concerning the event, the fact of sustaining the damage, and specifying the amount of claim).