Dominik Gałkowski, Attorney-at-Law, on Class Action in Poland

10 July 2018

On 27 November 2017, Dominik Gałkowski, attorney-at-law and partner at Kubas Kos Gałkowski, appeared in Editor Marek Domagalski’s programme #RZECZoPRAWIE on Rzeczpospolita TV, the Internet television of the Rzeczpospolita daily. The main topic of the discussion was group proceedings in Poland and the rejected action against VW.

During the interview, Mr. Gałkowski answered, among other things, the question whether most of the work related to the proceedings should be done before filing a statement of claims, and also discussed a group member’s responsibilities on the organisational side as well as the role of witnesses in a class action.

We invite you to watch the recording of the entire interview available at the following link.