Action vs. Millennium Bank S.A. (no. 1)

A group of clients of Millennium Bank – represented by the Municipal Consumer Ombudsman in Olsztyn – vs. Millennium Bank S.A.

Action for the establishment of the defendant’s liability towards group members on the grounds of unjust enrichment resulting from the ineffectiveness, in relation to group members, of the prohibited contractual provisions concerning the indexation of the credit amount and credit repayment instalments to the Swiss franc exchange rate according to the bank’s table of foreign currency exchange rates – included in the agreements on mortgage credit indexed to foreign currency signed by the group members.

5358 group members

  • Decision of the Regional Court in Warsaw 1st Civil Division of 14th January 2019, I C 1281/15 – establishing the composition of the group
  • Statement of claims filed on: 13th June 2014