If you have a court judgment regarding a class action that was not included in our database, we kindly ask you to send a copy through the contact form available here, or via post to the following address: "Kubas Kos Gałkowski Adwokaci sp. p.” sp. k., ul. Rakowicka 7, 31-511 Kraków. Before including the sent judgments in our database, we will anonymise them (remove any personal information). We also invite you send your publications regarding class actions, we will include them in the section entitled: bibliography.


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A class action of flood victims from Kędzierzyn-Koźle dismissed once again

The statement of claims of 133 flood victims from Kędzierzyn-Koźle against…

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Insurance agents class action against LINK 4 will be heard in group proceedings

After examining the admissibility for the third time, on 6th June 2016 the Regional Court in Warsaw…

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Decision of the Regional Court in Warsaw, 24th Civil Division of 20th April 2016

XXIV C 554/14It is of no significance from the point of view of a decision on group membership that entities who join the group having concl...

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In what cases can group proceedings be commenced?

Ultimately, the Act has adopted the so-called sector-based solutions. This means that group proceedings...

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When are the group proceedings allowed?

A case which belongs to one of the statutory categories can be examined in group proceedings...

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Group proceedings – what are they?

Group proceedings were introduced as a new mechanism for pursuing claims in court...

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